Exercises in English Level F Teacher

w k swer ittle with rcle ong to On the line write how each italicized noun is used. Use the key below. Direct Indirect Subject Object Object Complement Appositive DO IO SC A 16. Fables are short stories that illustrate a lesson. 17. The ancient Greek writer Aesop is the author of a number of fables. 18. Aesop wrote “The Fox and the Grapes.” 19. Many parents read their children fables at bedtime. 20. My favorite fable is “The Crow and the Pitcher.” Try It Yourself Write three sentences about a country or a place that interests you. Be sure that each sentence has a subject. Try to use appositives. Check Your OwnWork Choose a selection from your writing portfolio, a journal, a work in progress, an assignment from another class, or a letter. Revise it, applying the skills you have reviewed. This checklist will help you. ✔ Do all the sentences have subjects? ✔ Have you used the correct forms of plurals? ✔ Have you used apostrophes correctly in possessive nouns? ✔ Have you used commas correctly with appositives? D 17  Reviewing Nouns, continued Nouns © Loyola Press. Exercises in English  Level F Name Date 18