Exercises in English Level F Teacher

t s r r coat big larg eat eye 17  Reviewing Nouns Identify the italicized nouns. In Column 1 write S if the noun is a singular noun or P if it is a plural noun. In Column 2 write A if the noun is an abstract noun or C if it is a concrete noun. Column Column 1 2 1. Japan is a democracy. 2. Rice is a staple of the Japanese diet. 3. Japan has a large fleet of modern fishing boats. 4. Many automobiles are imported from Japan. 5. Respect for the elderly is an important Japanese value. Write the singular possessive and the plural possessive forms of each word. Singular Possessive Plural Possessive 6. country 7. child 8. citizen 9. sheep 10. emperor On the line write how each italicized noun is used. Use the key below. Subject  Subject Complement  Appositive S SC A 11. Tokyo is the capital of Japan. 12. Sapporo, a large city in northern Japan, is a popular resort for skiers. 13. Every day speedy bullet trains cross Japan. 14. The emperor of Japan is the head of state in name only. 15. The prime minister is the actual head of the government. A B C Continued ➞ Nouns © Loyola Press. Exercises in English  Level F Name Date 17