Exercises in English Program Overview

The Grammar Supplement Students Need!

Available in print and digital editions, Exercises in English 2013, a comprehensive grammar supplement, picks up where reading and language arts programs leave off. Crafted by experts, this easy-to-implement and simple to integrate program provides instruction and practice in every area of grammar, usage, and mechanics—providing students with the essential lifelong skills they will need to succeed.

New with this edition is a book of blackline masters included at every level, providing a formal assessment for each chapter in the student book.

Teachers & Principals

Easy-to-use correlations charts show how this program addresses Common Core Standards and discusses how to use Exercises in English with our award-winning grammar and writing series, Voyages in English.

Students & Parents

Online quizzes for additional practice and review to become better readers, writers, listeners and speakers, and for success on standardized tests.

Exercises in English for grades 3–8 is crafted by experts in language arts. This grammar-intensive workbook provides instruction and practice in every area of grammar, usage, and mechanics, helping students build comprehensive skills for success on standardized tests and for developing essential lifelong skills beyond the classroom.


  • Rigorous practice is provided for every skill.
  • Spiral curriculum reinforces each skill in every grade.
  • Flexible implementation options allow you to adapt to classroom needs.
  • Cross-curricular content reinforces social studies and science concepts.
  • Review pages are available at the end of each topic.
  • Complete Sentence Diagramming coverage and practice help students learn sentence structure in a visual way.
  • Formal tests cover each grammar topic and are offered in the popular standardized-test format.
  • Online quizzes offer additional practice and review.